You are… (Excerpt)

You are an emanation of cosmic energy.

Your purity of expression depends on your alignment with that energy.

Stimulating the sex energy can bring the Aspirant in touch with her cosmic countenance.

She will be as she is cosmically: a pure expression of cosmic energy.

Any less is an aberration; a convoluted approximation of the truth.

Your intentions become muddied as identity and concerns of the physical come into play.

Engage the physical to get beyond the physical.

The more you focus on, engage and revel in your sex energy, the more you achieve states of lasting peace and physical energy.

You must allow the energy to affirm and avow what you are.

You are more than your clothing, your breasts, your concerns, your predicaments.

You are a living, breathing, exuberant entity in physical form.

Engage what is timeless about you in order to know your True Self.

It is paramount that you know your true self in order to know your True Will.

It is awareness of the True Will that leads to right action.

It is through right action that desired results are achieved.

P.D. Lapinsky is author of the upcoming book “The Black Book of Self-Awareness.” He runs the private “Center for Esoteric Advancement” in the Laurentians of Quebec.

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