The Truth About You

Awareness is simple. Real awareness. It is what you have, what you are, once you remove everything that you are not. It is what exists once you have relinquished your grasp on the superfluous, on those aspects of yourself that have been added to what you are, rather than comprising constitutive elements of what you are. It is what you are, what you experience at a root, foundational level. As such, it is likely that you have never experienced it.

Why is that? Well, look around you. Look at your environment, your culture, your society, your circle of friends. Tell me that all of that feels foundational to what you are – that nothing could be removed without disrupting the essence of you. Initially, there may a few things you recognize that could obviously be removed. With a little more consideration, you may recognize that the list of what you could do without, and those aspects of yourself that could be described as – to one degree or another – contrived, is a bit more extensive than you may have previously thought.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that to get at a real experience of awareness, that blissful state of existence where all of the chaos of your world flatlines into an impossibly perfect stillness, you need to do some work on yourself and what you are. First, you need to see yourself clearly. And this is a process that will unfold over time. But you’ve got to start the ball rolling. You have to have the will to take those first steps, and to continue along that path.

You see, awareness itself is simple. What is complicated is extricating yourself from years of enculturation, ego-identification, and social adaptation. You’ve got to toss out everything that is not what you are; and start with the glaringly obvious. You need to live truly. You can only access the truth once you commit to truth as a foundational aspect of your existence. You can only see what is once you can see past what is not.

P.D. Lapinsky

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