The Real You

If you had to choose a set or series of characteristics, something that singly, or in totality defines you, what would it be? What would they be? How do you define yourself on an ordinary basis? What about you is definitive? How do you describe yourself? Do you talk about your occupation? Past-times? Your favourite football team? What are the attributes, positive or negative, that you would use to define what you are? Or, perhaps, the question is somewhat open for you.

That’s not a bad place to start. Having some question about who you are is natural. It should, in fact, be much more prevalent then it is currently. Why? Well, though who you are could be described as a collection of experiences, likes and dislikes, and the mundane things like your job, relationship status, etc., is that who you are? Could the who that you, to one degree or another, might describe yourself to be, be changed somewhat based on circumstance or experience? And, if so, what remains steady?

We often have a habit of referring to ourselves as changeable, to one degree or another. We describe ourselves that way – others some times; using the phrase ‘you’ve changed,’ or something like it. But, what does that mean? Who has changed? Has the identity of the individual in question changed? If so, what is unchangeable? Is identity merely a reaction to circumstance? If so, who is reacting? If I refer to your identity, who is the you I am referring to?

Who puts on the guise? Is that you? If so, who are you without the guise? Without the role? Who are you really?

Do you see what I mean? This question of identity is far from simple; to this extent I refer to your identity as your interactive identity, to give it more specificity. It is the identity you use to interact with others, and in many ways it constitutes how your perceive yourself, but is it truly you? If your identity can change based on experience or circumstance, then is there something more foundational that we may more properly call you? Something that exists beneath the facade, any affectation, any role you play? Something that doesn’t change, that doesn’t bow to the vicissitudes of contemporary existence?

You see, when people speak of real awareness, whatever term they may use, they typically consider the potential attainment of it as something they may add to their existing identity; something to be achieved and consequently assimilated into a workable self-concept – when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Your ‘identity’ impedes your experience of real awareness. Any adding to identity only obscures who you really are. It adds to the role, not to the individual. In order to get at something real, you need to abandon what is not. You need to be what you are, not who you profess your ‘self’ to be.

Reaching your base state of awareness – what is most typically referred to as ‘enlightenment’ – is not an achievement. The real achievement is in giving up everything that you hold in place of real awareness. It is an act of letting go, not of adding to a pre-existing facade.

-P.D. Lapinsky

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