Self – Awareness

Self-Awareness is an art. It is an art because it is an option. Like all options, it has creative potential. You do not know your Self through your mind. You know your Self through your body and your senses. To perceive truly is to perceive beyond the mind. Your true Self, your true creative potential lies within the physical, for within the physical lies the spiritual. Such a notion seems contrary in today’s society. It seems contrary because it presupposes an alternative to the dualistic conception that body and spirit are separate. In the incarnate existence this is not the case. Your body is infused with spirit, just as your atavistic form is in many ways a manifestation of your spirit Self. And, it can hardly be argued that the spirit receives little incarnate expression but through the physical. It is a fools game to separate the spiritual from the physical, for the result is disincarnate awareness and expression. It is quite pleasant to travel freely through the astral territories, but such journeying does little to further your karmic purpose on the planet. At base, all is one, and the one is all. Distinctions are illusory. What exists is at base a living, breathing incarnate organism, of which humanity is but an expression. To presuppose distinction implies a lack of awareness of the totality. And, it is just this Awareness that is the focus of all spiritual quests. So, what is what is? What is it that animates the totality of what exists in this incarnate experience? What is can never be elucidated or expressed with words, with language. It must be experienced directly. For millennia, sects, cults, groups and organizations have attempted to experience the totality through the mind. Such is not the way. The mind only impedes the process, as it is merely an incarnate interface by which you may perceive and negotiate the parameters of the local environment. It is not a doorway to what is, to Self or Awareness. All of mind is illusion, albeit a necessary illusion in the present context. The stilling of the mind does not lead to Awareness, but merely produces a docile creature that can be fed and entertained with the trivia of the conscious experience. As long as one remains identified with mind, it remains only a docile version of the illusory self. The self-mind equation, ‘I think therefore I am’ and the like, is merely an obfuscation that leads to further untruths. You think, therefore you think. This, unfortunately, has nothing to do with what you are. You are a cosmic emanation in physical form. You are the inhabiting presence that animates your physical form. You are the cosmic absolute that touches divinity with every breath, and yet you know not what you touch. There is nothing within or around you that is not divine. Yet, you recognize none of this. You recognize none of this because you buy into the central illusion of mind: that you are separate. You are not. You are a living, breathing affirmation of the existence of what is, and you can never know your Self through thinking about your Self. Your Self will never submit to such inquiry. You must feel what you are. You must know your Self as a vibratory force that bubbles, froths and courses through your veins; that finds it’s most accurate expression in the orgasmic-ecstatic experience of what is. The same energy that produces the vehicle for the incarnate-karmic discovery is the fundamental kernel of what you are. You know your Self through knowing your Self ecstatic, through knowing your own creative divinity.

Excerpted from “The Black Book of Self-Awareness”

by P.D. Lapinsky

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