Get Down to Get Down

Listen – when it comes down to it, the quickest way to any real kind of awareness is to sink below your own personal facade, way down, to what lies beneath, to what lies there at the bottom, the foundation of what you are. It is only there that anything about you actually makes sense, because it is there, from that perspective, that you realize that nothing about you makes sense. What I mean is that when you get to that level, you recognize your own personal charade for what it is, for what it has been. You see yourself for what you are, or, perhaps more importantly, what you are not.

This is the point at which you really start to open your eyes…Really…open your eyes. What does that mean? That means to see what is for what it is; to remove the veil that currently impedes your vision; to see, in stark contrast, all that is real, and unreal, about what you are; to see yourself truly, perhaps for the first time.

What’s interesting is that when you are truly seeing yourself, you are, in effect, seeing past yourself. What you have previously conceived of your ‘self’ loses immediate currency; it no longer has the value that you previously attached to it. You are no longer what you ‘thought’ your ‘self’ to be.

What happens is that you dissolve into the absence of your own personal narrative. That narrative is a story, and little more; and it is seen for what it is.

All of those years spent building up and tending to an identity are recognized as wasted. But that’s ok, because one moment of what is real, of what is actual, is worth many spent idling in vain curiosity. That moment where all of the chaos of your existence flatlines into a perfect serenity, well, makes up for lost time.

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