Church & State

What does it mean to be existent? Truly, what does it mean? You are here…but what does that mean? What does it mean to be here? And…are you? At a very basic level…sure – breathing, sleeping, eating, etc., but beyond that, what is it that constitutes your existence? Anything? Soul factor into play here? And if so, in what capacity? You can talk all day about your soul, the spiritual side of you, but if none of it is indulged, to what degree does it have validity? As a pre-constituted precept of identity? That you are multifaceted? A multi-hued, nuanced entity?

If you live out your existence perpetually distracted, perpetually immersed in technology, what are the foundationaly constitutive aspects of that existence? Distraction? The propensity to indulge in an escapist mentality in order to avoid peering into an abysmal lack of substance? The perpetual search for a perpetually absent foundation? What is it, at a base level, that constitutes your existence?

We have doctrines, and scriptures, and allegories, and aphorisms – volumes full – to give meaning to a seemingly (for many) meaningless existence. So, you go to church, or synagogue, or a mosque, or whatever, on whatever day, to be told that a vengeful, anthropomorphized deity is going to fuck you up unless you tow the line; that you aren’t fit for the afterlife of the pious unless you…fill in your commandment..don’t ‘fornicate,’ don’t eat pork, observe the day of the sabbath, cover yourself in black linen from head to toe, etc. Did it ever make you curious that the god of the Abrahamic religions is perhaps the most psychopathic character in literary history? Let’s leave it at that for the moment.

But, put it to yourself: you have before you, around you, an unknowable universe; so vast, intricate and expansive, that the best minds in physics have yet to properly explain its mechanisms. Let’s say – conservatively – hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, and this is all made by a bitchy deity who is going to periodically visit murder, pestilence, genocide – when appropriate of course – upon an unsuspecting populating of dumfounded, subservient, progressive primates? A deity, in one guise or another, that makes Hitler look like a backwoods bible thumper from ’Bama. In what universe does this make sense to an intellectually sophisticated, if primatic society?

So, go to church, wherever, do what you do, but should you exist in any way that could be quantified as authentic, it may be worth looking into why you do what you do.

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