Lockdown Blues

With many of us experiencing some form of renewed lockdown scenario, it is easy to begin to feel disenfranchised with what passes as contemporary civilization. Isolation breeds antipathy. Capitalize on the hand given to you. Tune into what you are. Turn off your phone. Turn off your laptop. Turn off your television. Rediscover silence. Instead of facing isolation – embrace it. You are bigger than the chaos that surrounds you #Meditation #Awareness #Lockdown #Yoga #PDLapinsky

Facade & Functionality

Often when I speak to people about the facade nature of identity, they take some exception. However, many, if not most, have some idea of what I’m talking about. After all, this idea of playing a role is quite pervasive in our culture; to the extent that we talk about ‘role models’ – someone to emulate in order to guide one’s behaviour. If this doesn’t point to at fundamental flaw in our notion of identity, I’m not sure what does. You are told from an early age, in this way,

Church & State

What does it mean to be existent? Truly, what does it mean? You are here…but what does that mean? What does it mean to be here? And…are you? At a very basic level…sure – breathing, sleeping, eating, etc., but beyond that, what is it that constitutes your existence? Anything? Soul factor into play here? And if so, in what capacity? You can talk all day about your soul, the spiritual side of you, but if none of it is indulged, to what degree does it have validity? As a pre-cons

The Real You

If you had to choose a set or series of characteristics, something that singly, or in totality defines you, what would it be? What would they be? How do you define yourself on an ordinary basis? What about you is definitive? How do you describe yourself? Do you talk about your occupation? Past-times? Your favourite football team? What are the attributes, positive or negative, that you would use to define what you are? Or, perhaps, the question is somewhat open for you. That’s

The Truth About You

Awareness is simple. Real awareness. It is what you have, what you are, once you remove everything that you are not. It is what exists once you have relinquished your grasp on the superfluous, on those aspects of yourself that have been added to what you are, rather than comprising constitutive elements of what you are. It is what you are, what you experience at a root, foundational level. As such, it is likely that you have never experienced it. Why is that? Well, look aroun

Get Down to Get Down

Listen – when it comes down to it, the quickest way to any real kind of awareness is to sink below your own personal facade, way down, to what lies beneath, to what lies there at the bottom, the foundation of what you are. It is only there that anything about you actually makes sense, because it is there, from that perspective, that you realize that nothing about you makes sense. What I mean is that when you get to that level, you recognize your own personal charade for what

Your Private Prison

Excerpted from the upcoming book by P.D. Lapinsky Your Private Prison Perhaps at some point during your life you’ve had the feeling that, in some way, your life could be more. Actually, it’s pretty much a given that at some point in your life you’ve wanted more. Perhaps you’ve felt that you weren’t living the kind of life you want to live. Something was missing. Maybe many things. Well, this is a pretty steady facet of the human condition. But, perhaps the more that you desir


When we typically speak of awareness, we speak of something founded upon, or related to, intellectual activity; something arrived at by thinking, contemplating, what-have-you.  Intellectual awareness, the ability to draw conclusions, adequately assess one’s environment, etc., are all important and relevant to survival.  The more intellectually adept we are, the more able are we to affect the kind of change that we wish to experience.  However, when we speak of real awareness,