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“Bliss is your birthright. Let’s start there.

You are entitled to experience the bliss of your being simply by virtue of being.

If you have not, then that’s something you need to get started on.

When we’re talking about bliss we’re not talking about fleeting sexual satisfaction,

or any number of pleasant activities.

We’re talking about a state of vibrational flow where the absence of tension in your physical-spiritual system opens the gate to the natural bliss that is there waiting to express itself.

You need to tap into your innate energy, so that you can truly experience the bliss of your being,

and create a world that reflects this new blissful sensibility.”

(From “Bliss & The Human Experience”)


The ultimate unification in the incarnate experience is between the  masculine and feminine energies in the 'physical'-spiritual system.  These are the energies personified as the 'Shiva' and 'Shakti' energies in ancient Hindu traditions.  The unification of these energies in the 'physical'-spiritual system represents the end of functional duality.  There is no longer the need to express oneself dualistically once these energies are united.

I often refer to the 'physical' in quotations for the simple reason that, with even the most basic grounding in quantum physics, we realize that there is no 'physical' per se.  There is only energy, the constitution of which reveals and founds the grand illusion that is 'physical' reality.  However, it does one little good to stand back and proclaim the illusory nature of the 'physical' unless, perchance, one wishes to don a dress, found an ashram, and pretend that the illusion does not exist.

The reality is that we are here.  The where is of little consequence when we realize that in one way or another we are confined to the parameters of the 'physical.'  We must manifest our awareness in the 'physical.'  Yet it is worth remembering that the illusion is just that.  This is part of what I refer to as functional awareness: know where you are, and act accordingly.

What I help you to do is unite these energies within yourself such that you may act with appropriate intention and awareness; that you may be no longer relegated to your animal nature, but that you may manifest elevated purpose and sensibility.  The result here is freedom: freedom from egoic restrictions, freedom from the tethers of societal expectations, freedom from bias and false approximations of the truth, freedom, freedom from the illusory sense that you are a 'physical' being in a material universe.  What you are is, in fact, something quite different.

You are a magnificent creation in an impossibly vast and complex system generated with one goal and one goal only: to allow you to know yourself.

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Excerpt from the upcoming book by P.D. Lapinsky

(Towards A New Paradigm of Functional Awareness)

“It does not escape the intellectual purview of the average individual that the notion of bliss or blissful states of awareness are often associated with a state of being commonly referred to as enlightenment, or the enlightened state of awareness.  But, what does that word mean in the first place?

When the word is used it is most typically used to refer to an attained state of awareness not accessible to most human beings.  While this is true, it is equally true that accessing this state of awareness is not an attainment in the typical sense of the word.  In fact, it is something quite different.

This state of awareness characterized by blissful states of communion with the the God prospect is in fact no more of an attainment than walking your dog or tying your shoe.  While it does take work to arrive at this place, it is not a process that involves adding anything to oneself.  You do not become a better individual in order to attain this state of awareness.  In fact, quite the opposite.  

This state is arrived at through a process of relinquishing rather than adding to oneself.  Most who have arrived at the desired state have done so with this instinctive awareness: an awareness that a stripping away is necessary rather than an adding to.  This is why stories of leaving family, friends and common experiences is quite typical of the individual who has traversed that landscape of illusion, arriving at a direct awareness of the nature of being.

While this process can be quite painful, and involves the complete transformation of one’s life and sense of being, it can be accessed, or at least glimpsed, from a different vantage.

Those who are serious about the process will go through it as they need to, but all can benefit from the practice that can assist the process, and perhaps even achieve a state of lasting bliss along the way.”

P.D. Lapinsky


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